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Winter Tours
Winter Tours

Experience a snowmobile ride over charming landscapes and frozen lakes. A snowmobile, which is also called a ‘’motor sled’’, ‘’motor sledge’’ or ‘’snow machine’’, is ready to entertain you and let you discover the mysterious Finnish winter! Enjoy the adventure with your spouse friends or family through the snowy sceneries and natural beauty of Lapland. For many people, snowmobiling is more than a sport it is a way of life!

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Meet with Santa Claus at his village in Rovaniemi (he is ready to host each family individually). We all know Santa, but only few people know that it is possible to visit him personally throughout the year. Santa welcomes everyone in his private office, which is located on the secrets of the Arctic Circle!


Greet the Huskies and experience a dog sled tour! 

Tromsø and Northern Norway offer a wide range of outdoor winter activities. Dog sledding is definitely one of your best choices to do in Tromsø. It is astonishing, interesting and breathtaking! Once you try a dog sled ride, you will be excited to go back and enjoy the adventure again.

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Experience Aurora Borealis! An incredible shimmering colors dancing across the Arctic sky! The Northern Lights phenomenon appears in an oval around the magnetic North Pole. Your best chance to witness the magical Northern Lights is along the polar nights from October to March! Northern Norway offers you more than colorful nights it offers a lifetime experience!   

Snowmobiling in Finnish Lapland
Meet Santa Claus
Husky safari in Tromsø
Hunt Aurora Borealis
© Visit Rovaniemi(Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.)
© Visit Rovaniemi(Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.)
© Visit Rovaniemi(Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.)
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Explore the original Lappish provincial lifestyle with a guided tour to a traditional Reindeer farm! A unique opportunity to meet the aboriginal Sami people and get inspired by their culture while you are surrounded by the breathtaking Lappish nature. Meet with the genuine Sami herders at the Reindeer farm and gain the chance to sight these lovely majestic animals.

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An Unforgettable whale watching experience! Located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Norway between the North Cape and Lofoten. Watch the lovely whales even closer to what you have imagined! The great Sperm, Minke, Pilot and Killer whales are always sailing and waiting for you!

Visit a Sami reindeer farm
Whale safari in Andenes
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