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At VOS, we are dedicated to crafting unforgettable journeys that not only delight our clients but also enrich the communities and environments they touch. Our mission is twofold: to revolutionize travel by including sustainability at its core and promote meaningful cultural exchanges that connect the gap between our guests and the local cultures they encounter.



Sustainable Travel: We are committed to leading the industry towards a more sustainable future. This means carefully selecting our partners to ensure that every trip supports eco-friendly practices, from transportation to accommodations.


Cultural Exchange: We believe in travel as a powerful tool for cultural exchange. Our tailored experiences are designed to immerse our guests in the local culture.


Nature and Beauty Immersion: The stunning landscapes of Scandinavia and The Baltics serve not just as scenery but as central parts of our travel experiences. We strive to bring our guests closer to nature, allowing them to experience the beauty of our destinations in a respectful and impactful way.



In every aspect of our operations, from selecting suppliers to managing our office facilities, we prioritize minimizing negative impacts on the environment and maximizing our positive contributions to society. We aim to not only provide economic benefits but also to support social initiatives that improve community well-being.


At VOS, we don't just create trips; we craft experiences that leave a lasting positive impact on our guests, local communities, and the planet. Join us in redefining travel for a more sustainable and connected world.

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