Self-drive tour in the archipelago

Welcome to the Faroe Islands, an isolated archipelago in the heart of the Atlantic and midway between Scotland, Norway and Iceland. With only 5,000 inhabitants, they still belong to the kingdom of Denmark whilst benefiting from a great autonomy, as well as a strong and unique culture.  

While it might look desolate at first glance, this archipelago is in fact full of live and fascinating landscapes shaped by nature over time. Come and discover the Faroe Islands, their heritage and the breathtaking sceneries they have to offer.

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Arrival at Vagar international airport. Pick up your rental car and drive towards Tórshavn, where you will be accommodated in your hotel.

Today, discover the capital of the Faroe Islands and its surroundings. Visit the historical heart of the city, Tinganes, where the first parliament was formed in 825, in the Vikings era. This charming little town is characterized by wooden red houses, stone houses and grass roofs. Do not miss to visit the old neighborhood of Reyn and its adorable wooden buildings. Have a stroll around Skansin’s little fort, which used to protect the island against pirates’ raids back to the 17th century.

If you wish to walk, we recommend a stroll on the Koltur Island, where only one single family can be found.  You can go there by boat. This island offers a spectacular view and there you will be able to walk along cliffs while admiring the breathtaking scenery.

Overnight at Tórshavn Hotel or similar


Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Pay a visit to the southern village of Kirkjubøur, which used to be the island’s episcopal headquarters in the medieval times. Today, this town hosts a church, a 900-years-old farm, as well as an incomplete cathedral. Discover all the legends and stories about the island and its inhabitants!

Overnight at Tórshavn Hotel or similar


Buffet breakfast at the hotel.


This morning, it is time for adventure: cross the island and go to Klaksvík. This village, located on the Borðoy Island in the east, is an ideal start for excursions towards spectacular island and mountain areas. Do not miss a visit to Christianskirkja, one of the oldest and most noteworthy churches in Scandinavia, with an old Nordic style. The cast iron used in the church dates back to more than 3,000 years.

Take the opportunity to explore cliffs and nature, as you will be able to enjoy the best hikes in this area.

Overnight at Klaksvík Hotel or similar


Buffet breakfast at the hotel 

The discovery of the Faroe Islands is far from being finished. Today you will drive to the island of Eysturoy, where you will climb the Slættaratindur, the highest point of all the Islands. With its 880 meters of height, it overlooks all the Faroe Islands.

 According to tradition, one should climb the Slættaratindur on June 21st to observe the sunset, immediately followed by the sunrise on the longest day of the year.

Continue your route towards the north. Once you have reached Eiði, turn east towards the coast and follow the low cliff. You are now facing Risin and Kellingin, the fossilized witch and giant coming from Iceland. Legend has it that they were sent to seize the Faroe Islands. While fastening a rope to the mountain in an attempt to bring it back with them, they created a split and did not manage to reunite it. According to the local beliefs, which hold that witches and giants cannot resist sunlight, Risin and Kellingin were fossilized at dawn when the sun surprised them.


Overnight at Gjáargarður Inn or similar


Buffet breakfast at the hotel


You are now in Gjógv, a town with less than 50 inhabitants and particularly well preserved. It is both charming and refreshing, and is often praised for its environmental and ecological efforts. As a matter of fact, its name finds its origins in a gorge that was filled with seawater flowing from the town to the ocean.

Overnight at Gjáargarður Inn or similar


Buffet breakfast at the hotel 


Today you will go back to the Streymoy Island, where you will discover the town of Saksun. Well-known for its quiet atmosphere, it provides a breathtaking view over the surrounding mountains. You can also admire its lagoon, where the few houses have been turned into a museum.

Continue towards Vestmanna Cliffs, where your boat excursion will start from. It will first sail inside coastal caves alongside the cliffs and between rocky arches. You are now at the bottom of 700-meter high cliffs, where thousands of birds gather: arctic terns, guillemots, fulmars, seagulls, petrels and of course adorable puffins with their pretty colours.

Then continue your journey to Vagar Island. At the end of lake Leitisvatn, you will find 35-meter high waterfalls – an unforgettable view you should not miss!

Overnight at Vagar Hotel or similar


Buffet breakfast at the hotel 

Return to Vagar airport, where you can leave your rental car. 

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See you soon in Scandinavia, Iceland and the Baltics

Included in the package

· Car rental 7 days, type Suzuki Swift or similar, including 600km, reduction of the excess in case of accident or theft, local taxes, one driver over 25 y/o

· 6 overnights in the hotels mentioned or similar

· 7 buffet breakfasts

· Cruise along Vestmanna Cliffs, 2 hrs

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· Flights

· Petrol, tolls, parking

· Lunches, dinners and beverages

· Porterage service

· Personal expenses

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