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关于 V.O.S. 旅游地接社

我们是一家专注于斯堪的纳维亚半岛、冰岛及波罗的海国家目的地的旅游操作公司, 1998年成立于丹麦哥本哈根。

我们为客户提供特色跟 团游自由行、定制游、冬季游及城市游等活动,并针对不同市场,全程提供专业服务。

V.O.S Vision of Scandinavia is fully compliant with all applicable privacy laws with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it takes effect on 25 May 2018. We never share any personal information with advertisers or marketers – including Google and Facebook. We never sell or rent any information to third parties. We do not share information to third parties unless it is relevant to confirming a booking and all sensitive information is automatically deleted after it has served its use. Sensitive information received not relevant to booking will be automatically deleted. We do not share information outside the EU unless it is relevant to booking and will per procedures be automatically deleted once it has served its purpose.


We aim to be leaders not only by offering the best services at affordable prices, but also by offering tailor-made round-trips our competitors can't or won't offer and by always innovating.


We are extremely committed to our clients and we offer guided assistance and support every step of the way. During the tour-season we extend our office hours and we are open seven days a week.


We join forces with our colleagues, our clients and our service providers in a collective pursuit for excellence.


We constantly explore the possibility of new exciting programmes and new destinations. Even if it seems impossible, the least we can do is try.


Travelling is our passion, as simple as that, and as the wise Confucius said "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Our Founders

Ann Kirstina Bret

Jean Marc Bret

V.O.S was created in 1998 by Jean Marc and Ann Kirstina Bret. Travel-industry professionals with more than 20 years of experience working in Scandinavia, Iceland and the Baltics.

Company Culture

It is really the people that make V.O.S the kind of company it is. Throughout V.O.S you will find a culture of creativity, collaboration and community. As we grow as a company, we believe in working smart and having fun — and know the value of a good work-life balance. We value people as our greatest assets; we are open and actively engaged with our customers, partners and each other.


To be the leading & preferred incoming tour operator in Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland and the Baltics


With our enthusiastic and qualified team from all over the world, we provide our partners with a wide range of high quality and innovative products, competitive rates and destination intelligence.

Our Team

Nerea Garabatos Estevez

Saihan Wuren

Natalia Catalan Sanchez

Javier Rosado

Szilvia Csiszár

Luca Naccari

Weili Shao

Dagmara Charaszkiewicz

Cristina Procaccini

Zoi-Zafeiria Kokkinaki

Gedvile Riabcova

Haomin Tian

Anca Jandonschi

Katarina Pierzgova

Daniel Wong Frandsen

Lucile Guette

Melanie Crespy

Céline Deloughery

Mathilde Lictevout

Magdalena Wojcik

Mea Elerkessousi

Simon Renner

Carina P. Wistisen

Franziska Hennig Weber

Stefanie Dressler

Lisa Sauerwein

Peiwen Li

Liying Li

Silvia Bazzanella

Agathe Posseme

Liisa Bernard

Federica Danesi

Julie Pedersen

Yahia Salman

Rosina Lopez de Haro

Viktória Könyves

Kalissa Akhrib

Damian Estecho de la Uz

Daniel Andres Goodman

Rui Li

Marit Nielsen

Kamonchanok Tawisuk

Erika Sekerecova

Peter Cossalter Skov

Maud Raynaud

Rachel Monnier

Carolina de Angeli

Stefania Fabris

Olivier Berg Vallée

Georges Petit

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