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VOS takes pride in creating and maintaining a work environment, ethical and behavioural standards among its personnel that foster cooperation, fairness, integrity and respect for diversity as well as achievement of the company’s goals and objectives. VOS provides highest possible services to clients, customers, partners and tourists by maintaining and promoting the highest ethical and behavioural standards. In support of achieving these objectives, the following basic principles govern the behaviour and ethics of personnel temporarily or permanently working with VOS.


Anti - Corruption

  • VOS complies with applicable national anti-corruption regulations and legislation, and international anti-corruption conventions as in force from time to time in so far as such provisions are applicable to the VOS business.

  • VOS upholds fair business standards in advertising, sales, and competition.

  • VOS distances itself from all forms of corruption.  Therefore, VOS personnel must not offer or accept, without authorization from the company’s management, any disproportionate or outside the ordinary course of business remuneration, gift, present, hospitality, favour or any economic benefit in order to gain a business or private benefit from any source or entities external to VOS. It is not allowed to engage in corruption, extortion, or fraud in any form and use any intermediaries to channel payment in such a way that can be considered as bribery or corruption intended to influence business decisions.

Anti - Discrimination

  • VOS personnel shall at all times demonstrate unbiased willingness to work together and maintain enabling environment at the workplace.

  • VOS personnel shall act in a manner which respects the dignity and worth of all colleagues and customers regardless of gender, race, colour of skin, religion or religious belief, political belief, sexual orientation, age, handicap, national, social or ethnic origin, or any other status protected under applicable laws. The very same attitude shall be extended towards partners and tourists of the company.

  • VOS personnel shall refrain from using physical or verbal expressions, in public or in private, which are or could be perceived as being biased, intolerant, intimidating or offensive.

  • VOS personnel shall not demonstrate any act of harassment, physical or verbal, in any shape or form, or any behaviour that constitutes or could reasonably be interpreted as constituting harassment.

Working Conditions

  • VOS and its personnel continuously strives for sustainability, promote human rights, actively prevent all forms of corruption and forced labour.

  • VOS offers fair working conditions and treats personnel with dignity and respect as understood and defined by the International Labour Organisation or applicable law.

  • VOS ensures personnel can easily access relevant information on their employee rights and ensures that third-party agencies providing personnel are compliant with the laws of the sending and receiving countries, whichever is more stringent in its protection of workers.

  • VOS ensures that correct visa and working documentation are in place for any recruited employees

  • VOS ensures that written contracts for both direct and contract workers exist, which clearly convey the conditions of employment, including overtime compensation.

  • VOS is against any forced and involuntary labour and does not employ anyone against their will. Either party can end the relationship at any point for any reason, with a reasonable notice, as specified in the Employment Contract and in accordance with applicable law, without penalty.

  • VOS ensures that working hours comply with applicable national law or industry standards, whichever affords employees the most protection (provides as a minimum all legally mandated benefits, vacation time, leave periods, and holidays).

Information Safeguards

  • VOS implements appropriate confidentiality measures to protect the privacy of customers, clients and employees, following applicable laws and Privacy Policy.

  • VOS safeguard customer, client and employee information and the transfer of technology, services and know-how in a manner that protects any applicable international, national and local intellectual property and data protection rights.


VOS has a procedure for timely correction of any deficiencies identified by their own internal or external audit, investigation or review. VOS ensure that they operate within and meet all international, national and local legislative and regulatory requirements, applicable international conventions and standards that may from time to time apply to them.

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